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Start an NSHSS Chapter

Congratulations on taking the first step in starting an NSHSS Chapter at your high school. The process is simple and easy! You will also have individual guidance from a designated NSHSS Staff Member to help you navigate starting a new club at your school. See how valuable it is to start a chapter and complete the form below in order to begin the journey. 

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How To Start a Chapter

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The chapter process may be led by a student, educator, parent or community leader; however, a student member working to develop skills in communication and organizational processes would be the ideal candidate.

A: There are four requirements in order to start a chapter: 
1) Complete a Charter Application Form
2) Review NSHSS Constitution and submit the Chapter Bylaws to your secondary school
3) Recruit Chapter Advisor
4) Recruit Chapter Officers

A: After you’ve submitted the Charter Application, you may want to go ahead and speak with your high school administration to find out what the process is to start a new club at your high school. Your NSHSS contact person will be asking for this information once your application is approved. This information will be helpful in order to help move forward with all necessary documents and materials in order to be an official registered club at your school.  

A: Each chapter should maintain 4-6 chapter officers throughout the academic year. At minimum, the role of President is required along with two additional individuals serving in their choices of Vice President, Community Service Director, Communications Director and/or Treasurer.

A: Each chapter should maintain at least one advisor throughout the academic year. The advisor must be an employee of the high school where you are starting the chapter.  His/her responsibilities include providing guidance and support to the chapter officers throughout the academic year, ensuring the chapter is a good representation of NSHSS and the school and nominating students for membership.

A: Congratulations, you have been working hard! Please ensure you communicate your chapter leaders (officers and advisors) to NSHSS so that you may receive additional documents to get you started on your journey. Contact us at for more details.

A: Continue to work with your NSHSS representative every step of the way. Don’t forget to use the Chapter Standards to help guide your way through your annual plan.