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Fellows Program

Fellows Program

The NSHSS Fellows Program was created to connect alumni members who have graduated university with significant resources and opportunities to further their academic and career goals. All NSHSS members graduating university with an undergraduate degree are automatically eligible for the NSHSS Fellows Program. Information about joining the NSHSS Fellow’s Program will be published in the coming month via email and the NSHSS website.

The NSHSS Fellows Program is an alumni network of NSHSS members who have graduated from university, who are actively involved in the academic, corporate, arts, or non-profit communities across all industries, and who are deeply committed to improving themselves and the communities in which they work and live. The goal of the initiative is to bridge the gap between the alumni network and current NSHSS members through networking events, NSHSS member events, and mentorship programs. Furthermore, the initiative aims to cultivate a thriving alumni network by bringing life-long scholars and professionals from different backgrounds together to further the mission of NSHSS.

The NSHSS Fellows Program is excited to introduce the inaugural Fellows Leadership Awards! The scholarships will be awarded to outstanding high school seniors at Scholar's Day 2019 in Washington, DC. 

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All NSHSS members graduating university with an undergraduate degree are automatically eligible for the Fellows Program, and we hope that you are interested in becoming part of this exciting initiative.

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Fellows Program