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Encourage Your Student to Succeed

Behind every NSHSS member is a passionate parent. We know that each year getting into university is more competitive and certainly more expensive. NSHSS offers advantages to help you and your child network with a wide variety of university admissions officers, explore career paths through internship and employment opportunities, and connect with a diverse group of like-minded, high-achievers. Claes Nobel, NSHSS Co-Founder and senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes, believes that NSHSS scholars will one day be the next Nobel Laureates, because they are pushing the envelope on changing the world for both themselves as well as for others around them.

We welcome your family to a lifetime membership with NSHSS!

NSHSS Parents

What It Means To Be A Member

Paxton Peacock

Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship recipient Paxton Peacock explains the importance of networking.

NSHSS Parent Interviews

NSHSS Parents discuss the opportunities & experiences their children have had as members of NSHSS.

Meilani Meleisea

Scholarship Recipient Meilani Meleisea explains how her membership has encouraged her to succeed.

Morgan Vazquez

NSHSS Fellows Board President Morgan Vazquez explains why she joined NSHSS.

Raina Kadavil

Raina Kadavil, a Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship recipient, share a few words of inspiration.

NSHSS Member Interviews

NSHSS members share their experiences and talk about the wide variety of membership opportunities.